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How did I get here?

Swapping catwalks for first steps.

I've always been a keen doodler, there's a strong artistic streak in the family and it was natural for me to follow a creative education. Trained in fashion, graduating in 2005, I cut my teeth in print design on the eponymous Savile Row. I’ve done rounds in mens and womens print but became increasingly frustrated with the lack of influence I had over the way prints were manufactured and the environmentally damaging cloth they were printed on. I felt the time was right to set up my own company. This moment coincided with the announcement of my sister's pregnancy, she and her partner made a choice not to learn the sex of their baby before the birth. Like every soon to be parent she wanted to buy clothing, but found the options very limited for unisex babywear. With my sister’s encouragement I swapped catwalks for first steps, shifting my design focus to new parents who want organic gender neutral babywear.