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Kith+Kin:the search for ethics in fashion

October 20, 2016

I trained in fashion design, graduating in 2005 and cut my teeth in mens print design on the eponymous Savile Row, I’ve done rounds in mens and womens...

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Extend the wear: a mini guide.

November 15, 2016

Watching my sister's baby develop is wonderful, their little bundle of joy is 8 weeks old. Being their first, they have been gifted a sizeable wardrobe of clothes from friends & family and they have contributed much too, yet their milk guzzler has already started to outgrow some of these items. Most parents will note that clothes tend to become too short and don't quite fit in the body or legs all too quickly, here's a few simple ideas of how to get a little more wear out of your babies clothes.



 1. If you can get your hands on a sewing machine and some excess cotton jersey in a similar weight to the baby grow, this is a relatively simple project. Measure across the width of the waist and use your own judgement to determine how much you need to extend the vest by and cut 2 pieces of jersey to your noted dimensions. Pin the side seam edges together and sew, then pin to the upper part of the vest and sew, be careful not too stretch the fabric too much, it helps to do short bursts on the sewing machine pedal. Next do the bottom edge.






 2. Vest extenders are pretty nifty, these little pieces of fabric usually come in packs of 3 for about £5, I've not managed to find any organic cotton ones online (any readers who do know, please post links to sites in the comments) but they will give the vests further use, helping to reduce the need to go out and buy replacements so soon. If you are feeling crafty, you could fashion your own, poppers are available in good haberdashery departments and online stores, be sure to get the right size popper. Click here to find out how to measure them. 






3. Sleep suit alterations can be simple, it really depends how much time you want to put in or in most cases, how much time you actually have. The quickest fix is to snip the feet off with sharp scissors, the longer process requires sewing, here's a good blog by Minerva's Hand detailing the steps.









Handing down and passing on is the most popular way of extending the life of baby clothing, if you don't know anyone who is in immediate need the Stripey Stork lists a number of baby clothes banks in the UK where items can be donated to pass on to families who are.



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